Johna Nilson, Confectioner

Johna’s passion began in the kitchen at a young age in the shadow of her Grandmother, Gourmet Cook and Flavor Mentor, affectionately referred to as OMA. This was the beginning of her understanding of flavors and technique.

While going through college, Johna took on the job of confectioner in a small chocolate shop in Newport Beach, California. Not only was this an opportunity to work in a kitchen; but also to develop a new craft- that of confections.

Once married and with children, Johna would use her craft in confections to create gifts during the holidays for family and friends. With a vision to instill a spirit of entrepreneurship in her children, in 2011 she founded So Rich! Chocolates.

As Johna’s creations became more sophisticated, so did her taste. She realized that many of the complex flavors in her chocolates paired beautifully with wine, beer, saki, and even whiskey.

Currently, Johna continues to develop her craft of invention in new flavors with local brewers and winemakers throughout Southern California.

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